Thursday, November 10, 2011

Conceptual Editing...Moose-style

Duffles and Ruffles

As you can see by our picture we are Duffles and Ruffles. I am Duffles, the taller moose, and Ruffles is my little brother.  We have lived here in Chris's house now for almost 15 years. We  never imagined becoming a civilized moose would be so much fun, but my brother and I love it!  One of the best parts is being able to sleep in a bed.  What a concept that is!

Our book, The Moose at the Manger, is progressing nicely.  This month we are in the conceptual editing phase.  Grammar and spelling and that kind of editing is important but certainly not as interesting as conceptual editing.   We have spent the last week helping our Moo organize some thoughts as to certain images and feelings she wants to make sure come through in the story.

Here we are proofreading Moo's notes to make sure they make sense before she sends them to her editor.  We figure, if we moose can understand them, then everyone else should be able to also.

We don't mind saying ourselves that we think this is going to be quite a book when it is finished!

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