Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reginald von Hindenmoose III

For those of you who might not know, moose are very creative animals and we just love the arts. (Art Carney is one of my favorites, but I digress...)   My little sister and I are happy to announce that on April 15th we will be going to a wonderful musical concert.  It is Musichorale's 65th Gala Spring Concert and we wouldn't miss it for the world! We have our tickets and our concert clothes and we can't wait...Did we tell you our Pop and Moo are in the choir too?  Come join us if you can.  We'll have a great time!

Reginal von Hindenmoose III and Martini

You really can join us!  Click this link for more details!
Hope to see you there!

As moose, we had the privilege of hearing some of the music that will be sung at this concert and we must say we give it our...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home! Or, in our case...

HI! I'm Stinky...see if you could find me in the picture. 

I just moved in here with Chris and the moose last month and I must say I already LOVE this place.  We had lots of fun hangin' around with the lady called GrandMoo, but as the saying goes....
There's no place like
Home Room Sweet Home Room!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun with GrandMOO

Find GrandMoo, find Waldo, find Mr. Reginald von Hindenmoose III !

This is our last day to play with our GrandMOO!  We asked if we could go home with her and she said No. We can't imagine why.  After all, we did let her stay in OUR room. Family...go figure. 

But tonight we'll celebrate with food, fun and frivolity! She is such a fun lady...We're sure going to miss her!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A message from Culloden!

Hi! I am Culloden.  I came to join Chris' family over a decade ago.  I remember the plane ride here crossing The Pond (aka the Atlantic Ocean) with me head and antlers sticking out of the carry-on luggage so I could not only breathe, but enjoy me first and only airplane ride.  So on this day when I am remembering  many of me friends from Ireland and the British Isles, I would also like to wish you and yours a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"May you always have work for your hands to do. May your pockets hold always a coin or two. May the sun shine bright on your window pane. May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you. And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And our upcoming "roomie" is ??? Come, find out!

A fire bell...every house should have one!

Let the bell ring!  Guess who is coming for a visit?!  Our very own GrandMoo!  We have two of them. One who lives right here in town, Grandma Judy and the other who lives way down south!  I know, you're thinking MOOSE, and right away you are thinking 
she must be from somewhere up north, but human GrandMoos can come from anywhere! (And the weather is much better too...come on!)

So, since we like this little lady so much we vacated our room just for her... We went from this...
To this!
Anything for GrandMoo! We can count on our antlers the number of people we let hang out in our room and she is on the top of our list.

As for me...GrandMoo is my FAVORITE visitor!

Now the question we are sure you all have is,
"Where have all the moose gone?"
Well, let's see-

  We are some other places in the house too, but not all secrets can be revealed, can they?

A Surprise Guest!

Reservations were made and a surprise guest will be coming soon.

Check back later today to see just who!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Proof is in the mail...

We each took turns reading Moo's book,
The Moose at the Manger. 

We looked at it page by page and gave it our