Saturday, July 19, 2014

Christmas in July! There's still time for a great BOGO Deal!

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  What a fun way to celebrate WITHOUT the snow, ice, and brutally cold temperatures!

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I awoke in the darkness listening to the sound of a jack hammer.  After a few moments, I realized it was me, the jack hammer, my heart.   Fear engulfed me and I remained still wondering why my heart was pounding so heavily in my ears.  Where was I?  The room was dark, and except for the throbbing of my heart, silence ensued.’

Even though they were hundreds of miles apart at the time, the message of her grandfather’s death reached her in a dream.

My Hero, My Ding tells the poignant story of Lisa and her grandfather and the overwhelming bond they shared.  You’ll find yourself captivated with love, and find yourself gaining a deeper understanding of life-lessons. Experience the antics that were shared and discover the respect and affection between two ordinary people with an extraordinary connection.

When Muse the Moose accidently wanders off from her family, she becomes lost in the forest.  She luckily finds a friend in Star Bright, the brightest star in the sky, who leads her on a fantastic journey. When Muse becomes The Moose at the Manger, she realizes her most important journey is yet to come.

Jimmy was on cloud nine during Show and Tell when his classmates cheered for him and his best friend, Mark the Moose. That happiness quickly ended when Mark went from being Jimmy's sidekick to becoming the missing moose. Saddened and angry, Jimmy didn't want to talk to anyone, not even his own mother. His best friend was gone and he was all alone! When it was time for Show and Tell again, Jimmy didn't want any part of it until he heard what his friend Joe had to say... Follow Jimmy as he discovers that opening up and letting others in can really help him out.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

We hope you are as happy and free as these moose seem to be!

This is a video worth watching!

Celebrate God's country...

Celebrate Freedom!

Celebrate America!

Celebrate MOOSE!

Independence Day....Let Freedom Ring!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Two great girl books for summer reading!

Hi! I'm Judi. I love to read all kinds of books like mystery, suspense, action, humorous, drama, and even true stories.  I recently read two books that are great books for girl readers. I liked them so much, I thought I'd share them with you!

The first book is Ruby Lee and the Very Big Deal 
by Nancy Buffington

  Ruby Lee and the Very Big DealRuby Lee and the Very Big Deal by Nancy Buffington

Ruby Lee is a fifth grade student who won a prize, but being asked to read her winning essay in front of the whole town seemed anything but a prize to her. On top of that, Ruby's old, peculiar aunt is now living with her and her family. Aunt Alice says she used to be in the movies and was quite well-known in her day, but no one could prove or disprove that.

Aunt Alice loved to tell stories of the days "way back when" about the stars she worked with in her career (real or imagined), and Ruby politely listened while still fretting over her own dilemma of reading her essay. One day, Aunt Alice offered Ruby some help. Once Aunt Alice began to reveal the "Nine Secrets to Becoming a Star", Ruby saw her aunt in a different light. With Aunt Alice's wandering mind, Ruby was worried she wouldn't get all nine secrets revealed to her before her big performance, but Aunt Alice didn't let her down.

Ruby followed Aunt Alice's advice and her public debut turned out to be a big hit!

I liked that the old aunt was the one who gave the advice to Ruby and that it was helpful not just to Ruby, but, I think, to others who have ever felt like Ruby. I did think that references to the older movie stars was good, but thought maybe younger readers wouldn't be able to relate. I am glad the author added a "Cast of Characters" at the end to introduce younger readers to some great actors and actresses of days gone by...

The second book is Rosie and the Wedding Day Rescue
by Lynelle Woolley

Rosie and the Wedding Day Rescue (Flower Girl World)Rosie and the Wedding Day Rescue by Lynelle Woolley

Rosie and the Wedding Day Rescue is a fun story that girls will enjoy. Rosie wants to be a detective and she'd rather be crawling around searching for clues and evidence than have to get all dressed up to be a flower girl. What Rosie doesn't know is that her detective skills would be needed to help make her babysitter's wedding a success!

During the story Rosie meets two other flower girls. Rosie believes they have nothing in common, but is pleasantly surprised to find out they are more alike than she thought.

As a teacher, I think this is a good book to get girls reading. Rosie and her new-found friends are easy to relate to and they are very likable characters too!

Whatever books you choose, I hope you spend some time reading this summer!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Come meet Algernon Farnsworth I

Meet our newest edition to the moose family.  He is Algernon Farnsworth I.  He made it just in time to spend Father's Day with us and our very own Poppy! You can read all about Algernon and see him in his travels by clicking this link...