Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Festive Pictures, Great Costumes, and a Chance to VOTE (and win)!

We can't begin to tell you what a wonderful time we had on Halloween!  We went out in groups to be safe.  We made sure to come in before dark too. Once we were home we shared all of our goodies with the rest of our moose family (and there's over 200 of them)! 

We should be working on some edits now for our new book The Moose at the Manger, but a promise is a promise...Halloween pictures first for all of our readers to enjoy and then we'll help our Moo with the edits. 

First a few pictures -  up close and personal...

The Mighty Hunters
Aarrrbbeeee Matie!  The Pirate
BULL Moose
Rip Van Mooskles...Yawn!
Who wouldn't want to be a moose?!
007 Moose - James Moose

 Leaving the house to go Trick-or-Treating...

The Moose Menagerie... Elephant moose, Pig moose, Dolphin moose and Frog moose

Vacation moose!

007 Moose, "Bear"ly moose, Dr. ChrisMoose, Ohio State moose

When we got back to the house all of us Moose Trick-or-Treaters took a group photo...

We can't wait to do this all over again next year, but in the meantime you can vote for your favorite Halloween moose while we pack up our costumes! Include your name and email address and you will be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of our upcoming book THE MOOSE AT THE MANGER which will be released in 2012!

Come join the fun and send this on to someone else so they can too!

The winner will be picked on December 1st!

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