Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Moo is in the News!

Gene Cittadino and his granddaughter, Lisa Tortorello, were two peas in a pod, best friends, soul mates, and partners in pranks. Although their ages set them apart, their minds seemed as one. In fact their relationship was so beautifully spectacular that Lisa awoke from a dream knowing he was passing, although they were several hundred miles apart at the time. Their minds were melded as one, thus cascading a clairvoyant message, momentarily, across the country.

Gene was a WWII veteran and local businessman. For thirty years (from about 1961 to his passing in 1991) he owned and operated Deno’s Jewelry at 18053 Torrence Avenue in Lansing, Illinois. Lisa grew up in Chicago, but she and her sister spent much time at Grandfather’s store, her first job, where customers might come in to find them playing pranks on each other. Customers also noticed they would affectionately jokingly call each other “Ding”, short for ding-a-ling. That was part of their fun. Lisa learned many valuable lessons from her grandfather, such as: Always make time to have fun; even mundane tasks can be made fun; and memories are a precious gift.

After Grandfather passed away, Lisa began taking notes, writing down in notebooks chronicling all the silly, fun times they had together. She continued this for several years, but not until 2008 did her ‘eureka moment’ hit, when she said, “I think I really have something here.” She then developed her notes into a manuscript. In 2009, she researched Tate Publishing on the internet and with the Better Business Bureau.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Two Local Events...Mark your calendar today!

Love to shop?

Then the Vendor Days at the Southeast Sportsmen's Club 
on November 24, 2013 is for you!

Love Music?  
Love Christmas?

  Then Musichorale's 67th Noel Concert 
December 8, 2013 
 'Twas the Night Before Christmas is a must-see show!

For more information about the concert or to purchase tickets on-line click the link below -

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Everyday should be...

Veteran's Day!  

All of us moose want to send out a great big American THANK YOU to all of our veterans.  Our Moo tells her students every year that she is grateful to our military men and women. We get to enjoy our freedom everyday here at home because men and women of the United States are around the world protecting us at all times. 

From the earliest days of our history to the present day, we SALUTE all of you who have served and do serve our country.

You definitely get our...

Friday, November 8, 2013

(Young Reviewers (Part 3 in the series)

Who better than children to write reviews for a new children's book. I appreciate the time that all these young reviewers made to read Mark the Missing Moose and then write a review.  

Here is what some of our reviewers have to say...

'This was a wonderful read that had a great lesson everyone of all ages could learn from. '

'I like the book. It was touching and I learned it's ok to talk about being sad.'

Mark the Missing Moose was good.  It reminded me of how I lost my dog.  I was sad and mad.  But I learned something from this book.  I learned it's okay to miss my dog.  Sometimes we tell stories and laugh about all the stuff she did.  That makes me smile.  My mom is helping me feel better and she said someday we'll get another dog. 
Jeremiah Mawhinney

Book Reviewer Jeremiah