Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Brother's Secret

Karl and Stephan are two brothers that definitely have opposing views.   Karl is a 12 year old Hitler youth brainwashed with the mindset that Hitler is great.  Karl can't wait to become a littler older so that he can go from playing war games to actually taking part in the war.  Stephan, who is older, has a more realistic view of Hitler and the war. Karl's views change dramatically when his family gets word that his own father was killed while fighting in Russia. At first, Karl believed that his father admired Hitler and proudly died for him, but as he learns more and more about his family, his father, and his brother's secret, Karl realizes that the truth has a very different face.

Though My Brother's Secret by Dan Smith book is a work of fiction, it is a very realistic and gripping story!

We give it our highest...

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