Monday, August 5, 2013

Blog Hoppin' for Children's Books

I'd like to welcome everyone to the Children's Author Blog Hop where I will be introducing some sensational children's authors you might not know yet, but should be reading!

A hearty thanks to author Aileen  Stewart  for inviting me to participate. Aileen is the author of Fern Valley-A Collection of Short Stories.  When reading about Fern Valley, children will find themselves captivated by the talking animals and their escapades, while adults will appreciate the tried and true lessons that are taught in each story. Please be sure to stop by Aileen's blog, check out her book, and leave her a comment too!

Blog Hops are a great way for authors and readers to connect!  The blog hop rules are simple. Each author answers some questions about themselves and their works and then invites three other children's authors to participate during the following week. My author invitations have gone out to three very talented authors - Sherry Rossman, H Erin Nelson, and Alyssa Pierce.  You will see more about them, their books, and links to their sites below.

What are you working on right now?

The ink in still drying on my latest children's book - MARK THE MISSING MOOSE- a story to help children learn that opening up and sharing their feelings can really help them out. Mark the Missing Moose will be released early this fall, but I am excited to announce I just placed my first order of pre-release copies!

How does it differ from other works in its genre?

In this day and age with technology at our fingertips, children use social media every day, but are they really communicating? 

Mark the Missing Moose differs from other children's books because it takes the serious subject of loss and disappointment and teaches Jimmy, the main character, how to take healthy steps to start to heal.  I think it also differs in the fact that even though Jimmy doesn't want to take advice from his mom (something many children can relate to) it's his friend Joe who helps Jimmy put into words what he's going through. In the end, Jimmy can't wait to share his thoughts and feelings with his mom which is a big step in helping Jimmy begin to heal.

Why do you write what you do?

Overall, I would have to say, I write to express important feelings and messages.

In my memoir My Hero, My Ding  I tell the inspiring story of two ordinary people with an extraordinary relationship.  My grandfather and I had a special bond, and I think sharing his message of being a great role model is very important today.

The Moose at the Manger, my first children's book, tells a magical story of Muse the Moose while keeping Christ in Christmas.

I was inspired to write my latest book, Mark the Missing Moose, from a parent of a former student.  Sandi and her family suffered a horrible loss when her 21 year old step-son took his own life last year.  She reached out to me in hopes that I would be interested in writing a story to help young children open up and communicate. While Mark the Missing Moose is not about suicide at all, its purpose is to teach children how to process their feelings in a healthy way.

What is the hardest part about writing?'s always there and never stops, yet there never seems to be enough of it.  I am a teacher as well as an author, so it's a juggling act to find time between writing, marketing, and teaching.  Of all these areas, marketing seems to be the most difficult.  Too bad authors can't take the ever popular quote from the movie Field of Dreams and adapt it to them... If you write it, they will read it!  

What is something unique you want readers to learn about you?

It might be obvious from the pictures and posts on this blog, but what many people find the most interesting about me is that my husband, Charlie, and I collect moose.  Currently, we have 266 stuffed animal moose and 40 figurines and statues. It was a collection that started with one moose back in 1993 and has grown exponentially ever since. 

Now that you all know me a little better, I'd like to introduce my invitees...

Author Sherry Rossman weaves a cute and educational story.  The Miracle of Rain is a great book for parents to read with their children to show them a positive way to overcome their fears.  Great illustrations too!

Check out Sherry Rossman's site and learn more about her and her writings!

H Erin Nelson is the author of the  Bibletoons  series.  In Book One - Adventure with Noah you are able to journey back with Percy Porcupine and Missy Mouse as they meet an old wise man named Noah.  Both educational and adventurous!

Check out H Erin Nelson's blog at and learn more about her and her Bibletoons series.

Alyssa Pierce is the author of Caroline and Rebecca's Day at the Beach.  Find out what happens when Caroline and Rebecca do not listen to their mom.  Will their day at the beach be ruined?

Check out Alyssa Pierce's website at to learn more about her and her writings!

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  1. Your book sounds wonderful, Sherry. I didn't know when I agreed to this blog hop that you had written a book about the first Christmas, too. And no matter how many fictional books are written around that event, the ideas remain fresh.

    Thanks for allowing me to join this blog hop. I've posted my answers at

  2. Hi Cheryl. I have also been invited to take part in this Children's Blog Hop. I hope to meet new writers and find new readers.:)

  3. Glad you are both able to take part!