Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I can't wait until next time...

Wow! What a great time I had at the Brownsburg Art Festival.  I was a big help selling books too! The morning began with heavy dew and sunshine.

I first tried to sit at my desk with my reading glasses on, but the sun was just too bright.

So, I put on my sunglasses which made it easier when talking to people and when...

reading my book!

After the sun dried the dew-drenched tent, we were able to set up the rest of our space.

I was amazed at all the people who walked by just to "ooohh" and "aahhh" at me.   I got questioned about why I keep a pencil in my antler (how else am I going to mark off the favorite parts of The Moose at the Manger) and comments about having on sunglasses (well, it was extremely sunny after all)!

The best part of the day was spending it outdoors with my Poppy and Moo.  Of course, going back to the hotel in the air condition was a lot of fun too!

Thanks to all who stopped by to chat and purchase books! 

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