Friday, July 6, 2012

How Do Moose Handle the Heat? You know it's been a burning question! :)

We've gotten lots of questions about how moose handle the summer heat, especially in light of this long heat wave we've had here at home. 

Believe it or not, some of us really do enjoy "fun in the sun".  We are always careful to make sure we put on sun screen, wear sunglasses and a hat.  We would hate for our antlers to get burnt...ouch that would hurt!

After laying out in the sun, we often take dips on the pool.  It's good to stay hydrated on the inside and out.
It's a little known fact that moose are great swimmers.  People think we are just in the water to find food, but we also like a good swim once in awhile.  It's great exercise! (How do you think our legs stay so slender and fit?)

After a day of  "Fun in the Sun", we like to come in and enjoy some rest and relaxation.  I have my chair, a cool refreshment, and a brush to make sure my fur isn't all tangled from the water.  The only thing I seem to be missing is the remote control for the TV.

Now, if we could just get our Poppy and Moo to order a pizza from our favorite place, this would be a perfect day!

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