Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And our upcoming "roomie" is ??? Come, find out!

A fire bell...every house should have one!

Let the bell ring!  Guess who is coming for a visit?!  Our very own GrandMoo!  We have two of them. One who lives right here in town, Grandma Judy and the other who lives way down south!  I know, you're thinking MOOSE, and right away you are thinking 
she must be from somewhere up north, but human GrandMoos can come from anywhere! (And the weather is much better too...come on!)

So, since we like this little lady so much we vacated our room just for her... We went from this...
To this!
Anything for GrandMoo! We can count on our antlers the number of people we let hang out in our room and she is on the top of our list.

As for me...GrandMoo is my FAVORITE visitor!

Now the question we are sure you all have is,
"Where have all the moose gone?"
Well, let's see-

  We are some other places in the house too, but not all secrets can be revealed, can they?

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