Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sweetest Day Interview with Francis and Francine...a MUST READ!

It is Sweetest Day today... at least that is what Hallmark says.  Recently one of our favorite moose couples, Francis and Francine, were interviewed...
Francis and Francine

Interviewer:  Please introduce yourselves and tell the readers how long you've been "moosied". [That's like being married for humans.]

Francine:  I'll take this question...I am Francine and this handsome moose next to me is Francis!  We have been together since the first spring after the first winter when I heard the mating call over the horizon.

Interviewer: Wow!  That sounds like an interesting first date.  How did you know that Francis was the moose for you?

Francine: Well, that is a silly question.  He complimented my snout.  I complimented his antlers.  He asked what my favorite food was, and when I said PIZZA and MEATBALL sandwiches we knew we had a love that would last.

Interviewer: Pizza and Meatball sandwiches?????  I thought moose were herbivores?

Francis:  I'll answer that question dear.  If you mean "herbivores" in the sense that we put herbs on all of our food, we are definitely that!

Interviewer: (laughing)- How did you end up living in the Midwest in The Moose Room?

Francis and Francine looked at each other and said in unison..."That's a great little story!  You tell it."

Francine jumped right in:  Well we were sitting on our rocking chair.  The chair you see in our picture, when these two human beings came upon us.  They had another moose with them whose head was sticking out of a bag (so he could breathe, of course).  The moose asked us if we wanted to move with him to a better climate, live indoors, have indoor plumbing and eat food that gets delivered to your room.  We had spent one too many winters outdoors and jumped at the chance!

Francis:  The  moose in the bag turned out to be Chris Mas Moose, the main moose of the house, and he's just great.  What we thought might be a mooseland fairytale turned out to be a dream come true.

Interviewer:  That is a great story!  Indoor moose...whose house is it exactly that you live in?

Francine and Francis replied:  Chris' house! But, he does let our adopted Moo and Poppy live there with us.  He's a thoughtful moose that way!

Interviewer: So,this being Sweetest Day and all, tell me, what is your secret to a good "moosage"?

FrancineWell, there are a few things.. always leave the refrigerator door closed, share the TV remote control, never go to bed angry, and...

Francis:   Love is never having to say, "I'm hungry!" (Always but always, give the delivery man a good tip!)

Interviewer:  There you have it folks...true love as told through the eyes and stomachs of moose!
Happy Sweetest Day to for me...I'm going to get me something to eat!

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