Friday, October 7, 2011

Stosh and the "Year That Was"!

HI! I am Stanley, but my family and friends call me Stosh! As you can see, even though I am from the South Side of Chicago....I am a CUBS FAN...I know, I's very hard to see the emblem on my shirt (that's because it's been over 100 years since they've won the World Series).  BUT I heard that in 1984, the Cubs came really close to being winners.  I wasn't born yet...but the legend goes like this....

Stanley aka Stosh

That year the Cubs did make it to the National League Playoffs. It definitely was the year that was. It was the year the Cubs had 96 wins!

It was the first year Cubs were in postseason play since 1945. It was the year the Cubs won the first two playoff games with scores of 13–0, and 4–2. What could stop them now?

Well they were the Cubs after all. The Padres, who were enjoying their first postseason game since the creation of their team came back with a vengeance and won the next three games leaving the Cubs in the dust. Obviously, it was the year that was just not meant to be.

BUT...if you're a DIEHARD Cub Fan you know one thing... you never give up.  That's me...a die-hard Cub's fan on the South Side of Chicago just waiting for that BIG win!!!

In other news... I'm very excited about our new book that is coming out...The Moose at the Manger... Muse the Moose was there and it was a beautiful scene.  Even better than the Cubs winning a World Series!   REALLY!!!  Can't wait for you all to read about it once the book comes out next year!

Signing off for now,
Stanley aka "Stosh"

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