Monday, February 13, 2017

Celebrate the dating habits of moose this Valentine's Day!

  Yes, I said DATING habits.  Anyone can research where moose live and what they eat, but you never hear about their dating habits. Do you know why?  No one has ever asked.  Well, It's Valentine's Day and some of our MOOSE-wonderful couples are going to share the stories of their first dates.  

Meet Max and Maxine.  They have been together since 1997.  Unbelievably, they met while foraging for food.  Well, if you can call walking up to a drive-thru and ordering food foraging.  After Maxine placed her order, she was asked to step out of line and walk up a bit to wait. Her special order would take a few extra minutes, but it was well worth it.  While she was waiting, she overheard the next order being taken. It was the same exact order that she just placed.  Maxine quickly turned around and saw a handsome moose at the drive -thru window.  She knew it must be fate.  He walked up towards her to wait for his order and introduced himself.  Then when their orders were brought out, they enjoyed the first of many meals together!

It was a Saturday when Joey was wandering around the aisles of JoAnn Fabrics after the store closed.  He was looking for some candy to eat before curling up in the pillow section for his nightly slumber.  While running down the aisle, he heard someone call out for him to stop.  Uh oh, had the manager come back?  Joey stood like a statue, moving only  his eyes.  He didn’t see any people, but he did catch a glimpse of a rather cute looking moose way up high on one of the shelves.   It turns out she was the one who told him to stop. She was adorable!  She said her name was Anna and that some kid threw her way up on this shelf and now she couldn’t get down.  Joey introduced himself and was a gallant little moose. He found a ladder that looked like it could be used for a Christmas decoration, climbed to the top of it, and carried Anna down to safety.  Amazingly, the next day, two humans came in and took them to their new home.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Magillicuddly loves to read and used to spend many hours a day at his local library.  I know what you're thinking...but, yes, a moose can have a library card! One afternoon Magillicuddly went to the library to borrow the book "The Call of the Moose".  It started to rain, so he decided to stay inside the library to read.  He was so involved in the story that he thought the sound he heard must have been in his imagination. He continued reading, but there it was again.  Finally, Magillicuddly rested his book on his rack and took a look around.  He couldn't believe it.  Sitting on the other side of the room reading "If You Give a Moose a Meatball" was the cutest moose he'd ever seen.  She was the one trying to get his attention.  Shyly, Magillicuddly walked over to her and introduced himself.  She said her name was Lili and that she couldn't believe that there was another moose besides her that loved to read.  Well, as you can imagine, Magillicuddly and Luci spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other better, and then they went out for meatball subs to celebrate their first date!  Today, Magillicuddly and Lili are still together and they still enjoy reading.  It's a bit harder for them to get to the library these days, so they now read books on their Kindles!

One cold snowy night,  Priscilla was at a roadside cafe ordering a large hot chocolate.  She saw a male moose standing at a nearby bus stop.  Right then she decided to  purchase two cups of hot chocolate and bring one over to the other moose.  When she did, Robert told her he was hoping a bus would come along because he was tired of walking through all of the snow with such little food for nourishment.  Priscilla told him that she heard of this house that took in moose from all over the world.  She said she was never there but heard great things about this place.  It’s called The Moose Room and has been around for over two decades.  Together they walked back to the roadside cafe where they happened to have computers and Wi-Fi access. (Really, what are the odds!) They looked up The Moose Room on Google and realized it was not that far away.  After a good night's sleep in the woods, they began their journey. It took a few days to get there, but it was well worth the trip.  Priscilla and Robert have been together ever since enjoying the good life in The Moose Room…a place where you can check in, but you NEVER want to leave!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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