Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Moose Relocation Project (Part I)

We have had such a busy season, but now that our time capsules have arrived safely and we are settling in, I have a grand story to share!  This is Chris (the main moose)!

Back in "way back" time, which for us moose equates to about 4 months ago, both our Poppy and Moo set out to look for a new home for us. We loved our old home, but we were really starting to out-grow The Moose Room.  So, our Moo did a Google search and looked for the safest places to live in Indiana.  She had done this a few times over the years, and each time the city of Jasper appeared in the Top Ten.  If it's on the internet it must be true, right?!  No, of course not!  We had to check things out for ourselves.  Now, when we bought our Chicago home, I helped them pick it out, so it stood to reason I had to go on this trip as well.  My little brother Stosh and I packed a bag and got settled in for our trip.

Once we were there, we loved the place!  We rode around and took in some sights, we talked to some locals, and we did what all smart people do when they want to see what a town is about. We went and hung out at the local Wal-Mart for awhile.  Here are a few pictures. (No, not from Wal-Mart. There was nothing special to see there that day which was a good sign for us!)
A view from our hotel!

Around town!

Poppy and Moo after eating
dinner at the Schnitzelbank!

After doing our research and deciding to investigate further, the next step was to find a realtor.  So, back to the internet Moo went and she looked up a realtor she came across during her initial Google Search. Within minutes, we were at FC Tucker Realty and Dara O'Neil was the realtor that helped us. She was very kind, very thorough and at the time, didn't know that there would be moose involved in the purchase of a new home.   Of course, once Poppy and Moo described what kind of house they were looking for, the need for a moose room was soon revealed.  

Once our Pop and Moo did all the leg work, Stosh and I settled in to view some of the houses they found.  With lots of hard work, we helped them narrow down their search to just a few houses.
So many to choose from...

This room might be big enough for us!

Stosh, I think this might be the one!  

We were so pooped by the end of the night. We fell fast asleep dreaming of kitchens, basements, and square footage (since over 275 of us have to fit in the house).
Stay tuned for Parts II and III of The Moose Room Relocation Project and find out the following:

  • Which house was the winning house
  • How over 275 moose get transported into a different time zone
  • Who was the surprise guest at our house closing 
  • Pop and Moo's 30 seconds of fame

You won't want to miss it!

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