Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pictures from Halloween Past...

We thought before we posted Part II of The Moose Relocation Project, we'd share some of our favorite Halloween costumes and pictures! Sometimes, it's hard to get costumes to fit us moose, but with lots of determination and creativity, I think we came up with some fun ideas over the years! Here are just a few...

Even though our Moo has a sign in her office that states, "The only domestic quality I have is living in a house" she did a great job at ironing our costumes!
007 Moose - James Moose

The Mighty Hunters

The Moose Menagerie with Elephant Moose, Pig Moose, Dolphin Moose and Hunter Moose

Moose McBride

BULL Moose

Rip Van Mooskles...Yawn!

Arrrrrrbbeee Matie!  The Pirate

Who wouldn't want to be a moose?!

Our last Halloween picture at our old house!

What do domesticated moose like to do on Halloween?

Tell scary ghost stories...

and bob for meatballs!

We all hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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