Friday, November 8, 2013

(Young Reviewers (Part 3 in the series)

Who better than children to write reviews for a new children's book. I appreciate the time that all these young reviewers made to read Mark the Missing Moose and then write a review.  

Here is what some of our reviewers have to say...

'This was a wonderful read that had a great lesson everyone of all ages could learn from. '

'I like the book. It was touching and I learned it's ok to talk about being sad.'

Mark the Missing Moose was good.  It reminded me of how I lost my dog.  I was sad and mad.  But I learned something from this book.  I learned it's okay to miss my dog.  Sometimes we tell stories and laugh about all the stuff she did.  That makes me smile.  My mom is helping me feel better and she said someday we'll get another dog. 
Jeremiah Mawhinney

Book Reviewer Jeremiah

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