Saturday, October 26, 2013

Young Reviewers (Part 2 in the series)

Who better than children to write reviews for a new children's book. I appreciate the time that all these young reviewers made to read Mark the Missing Moose and then write a review.  

Here is what some of our reviewers have to say...

I thought the message in the book was an exceptionally good one for reminding people that it is important to talk about your feelings.  Mark the Missing Moose is a great story for helping children (or even adults) who need help during hard times.  It teaches them to talk about their feelings because talking about how you feel really helps remind you that others are there for you and eventually things will start to look and feel better. While the missing moose is only a stuffed animal, the book can be used to address the feelings associated with any type of loss.
Sydney Potpora (age 12)

Book Reviewer Sydney

Well, to start off, this was an amazing book!  In this story, Joe was Jimmy's friend and cheered him up.  Joe said that when he lost his hamster, Buddy, he was angry and sad just like Jimmy.  But Joe's mom told her son that it was okay to be sad or mad.  In this case, I too agree with Joe's mom.  Many kids are sad because a friend moved away or because they lose something.  I was once one of those kids.  So by reading this book, it did not only make me realize that it's okay to be sad, but that everybody goes through this.  Thanks to Mrs. Tortorello, children can now open up and let out emotions, some that they were afraid to let out before.
Cecilia Solis (age 13)


Mark the Missing Moose made me think of how I would feel if something happened to my favorite stuffed bunny named  Donut.   It made me sad and angry that Mark the Moose was eaten by the dog, but I was happy that Jimmy found a new friend at the end of the book.  I think Mark the Missing Moose would be a good story to share with children who feel sad because they lost something or someone they love.
Allison Potpora (age 9)

Book Reviewer Allison

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