Monday, September 2, 2013

Great News!

Audio Download Now Available!

For those of you who already have the Pre-Release copies of Mark the Missing Moose, the free eLive audio link in the back of the book is now complete and ready for download.  Just follow the easy instructions in the back of your book to get the free mp3 file.  You can listen on your computer, iPod, or any other device that plays an mp3.  

You don't have Mark the Missing Moose yet, but you want a copy...
Just place an order at the side panel of this blog!

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Have a great week!


  1. That sounds like a really neat feature & I love the cover to Mark and the Missing Moose!

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. Thanks Paul! I really love the illustrations that were created for this book. They did a great job!