Friday, September 13, 2013

Did you know moose like to read?

As domesticated moose, we like to do a lot of things that people like to do. We love to watch TV.  One of our favorite shows is Mountain Men.  It's amazing!  Real live human being choosing to live off the land in weather that can be brutal - hunting and foraging just to survive.

Even their disclaimer at the beginning of the show is -

"Man is not at the top of the food chain in the mountains.  To survive, he must do what is necessary."

What is necessary is to go inside (where he is at the top of the food chain) and get a pizza delivered!  

But we digress...

Besides watching TV, we love to read books.  Our Moo's books are our favorite,of course, but we do love to read books by other authors too. Recently we finished a book titled HEART OF A HERO.  We knew it was about a dog, but it was also told from the dog's point of view which is totally cool. (We thought only moose knew how to talk to one another.)

We all discussed what we liked about the book - which took a really long time since there are 266 of us, and then Priscilla typed it up on the computer.

We'd like to share it with you now.  

What a nice story.  Heart of a Hero by Billy Tiner was a heart-warming story that gives an insight into WWII and the pain and difficulties some of the soldiers had to endure, while sharing the story of Lady, the Irish Setter.  There was enough information given to help children understand about the war without getting so detailed that it would be difficult for them

We don't know why, but we didn't expect the story to be told from the dog's perspective, but we were quite impressed.  We also liked that the character of Lady was based on a real dog that served as a messenger dog in WWII.  We think people who love animals, have an interest in history, or those who just enjoy a good story will certainly enjoy this one!


This book definitely has our seal of approval!

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