Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm 262 and NO that is not my weight!

HI!  My name is Lucky and I am the newest member of the 
Chris Mas Moose family. 

I'm 262, not because I weigh that much and not because that's my hoof, I' m called 262 because I am the 262nd moose that has joined this family.  When I arrived here, at my new residence, I was AMAZED!  Now I know why I could never find other moose in my travels, they are all already here in my new home.

I knew these were my family members right away. Just look how closely we resemble each other.

Douglas, Lucky, Doogie, and Duchess

We all get along so well and tonight we are going to play our newest game...Moose Spotter!

As Paul Harvey would find out "the rest of the story" here because I am LUCKY enough to be featured as May's MOOSE of the MONTH!  


  1. Welcome Lucky! You have found a great home.

    Paul R. Hewlett