Sunday, March 10, 2013

Something Positive from a Tragedy

The moose got together and decided that it's my turn to talk about my latest book.  I know how much the moose love to blog, so I really appreciate them letting me at the keyboard today.

Every story comes from somewhere whether it's from real life experiences or from our imaginations.   My latest children's book, which will be released this summer, is a combination of the two.  I'm always asked where I get my ideas from when I write.  Here is the back-story of my new book.

Sandi Czyznikiewicz - a wife, a mother, a businesswoman, was the inspiration behind this story.   Who is Sandi to me?  Well, I was her daughter's teacher about 20 years ago.  And as any teacher knows, it's not very often you hear back from your students or their families, so being contacted by Sandi was a bit of a surprise at first.

Sandi found me using Social Media and learned that I am now an author, as well as, a teacher.  She said I was a wonderful influence on her daughter and asked about the possibility of me writing a children's book as an answer - and perhaps a therapeutic one - to her own family's tragedy.   

In 2012, Sandi's 21-year-old stepson, Jimmy, took his own life. Jimmy was a good kid, but no matter how hard his family tried they could  never get Jimmy to open up to them about their feelings. In the wake of his absence, Sandi wants other children to learn to communicate and share their thoughts and feelings at an early age.  Her desire is to give other children the knowledge and tools they need to share their voices, and, that because of her vision, other kids might not be led down the same tragic path her own family was forced to travel.

Sandi wanted to do something as a positive memory for her son, and I am dedicating the book to Jimmy.

I am honored that she put her confidence in me to deliver this important message for her and her family.  Her hope is my hope: that this story will have a positive impact on both children and their families. 

The book is titled Mark the Missing Moose and will be released later this year.  Watch this space for updates and details about the book or click the following link to subscribe to my newsletter. 

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