Monday, February 25, 2013

It's all in the edits!

According to  these are the first three definitions of the word "edit".

1.  to supervise or direct the preparation of (a newspaper, magazine, book, etc.); serve as editor of; direct the editorial policies of 

2.  to collect, prepare, and arrange (materials) for publication

3.  to revise or correct, as a manuscript

As a writer, we know this is our Moo's least favorite part of the publication process.  When she views her edited manuscript for the first time, she's like a deflated balloon, but then she talks to us - her own personal editing staff - and we help her realize that though her ideas are good, we can help her tweak them and make them even better. 

We'd like to introduce the personal editing team for our Moo's upcoming new book...

Mark the Missing Moose

Remember, clicking on any picture will make them larger.

Tartan:  I am the supervisor of the editing department

Hannah and Tuke: We read the story out loud to see how it flowed and to see what parts were not really needed.

Olivet: After the story was read aloud (many, many times), I was the one who got to do the deleting.  I must say I am very good at my job!

Tartan: Once the extra "stuff" was omitted, I again supervised and made sure all the materials were arranged properly.  

Harry and David:  When all of the editing was complete, it was our job to make sure the final manuscript was just right before sending it off to its next step in the publishing process.

And now we are moving to one of our FAVORITE parts...  can you guess what that is?  

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