Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Moose at the Manger Book Cover...

Drum roll please....

We are Murphy Mooslefluff and Vamoose Moose.  We have such exciting news that we actually got up from our nap to share it will you!  We would have changed out of our PJs, but we were in such a hurry we forgot.  (Who are we kidding, we love to be in our PJs 24/7...what moose wouldn't?)  Enough about us...

We are very excited to bring to you, for the first time in public, the cover of our Moo's book-

Murphy Mooslefluff:  Well, what do you think Vamoose? 

Vamoose:  I think Muse the Moose is adorable and I LOVE the cover!

Murphy Mooslefluff:  I agree! The snowflakes look really neat too!  Is all this excitement making you as tired as I am, Vamoose?

Vamoose:  It sure is...y-a-w-n...let's go take a nap.

Murphy Mooslefluff:  Great idea!  I'm going to be dreaming about 
The Moose at the Manger!

Vamoose:    That sounds like a plan, but first I'm going to dream about meatballs and pizza.  Maybe I can multi-task and dream about both at the same time!