Monday, February 27, 2012

Drawing straws and other moose news!

Hi there! All of us moose were trying to figure out who should be the one to tell you the exciting news today , and we decided it would be fair to draw straws.  I drew the best one, as you can see by my picture, so I get to share the great news!

I am Arlene the moose, and I hang around the moose room all of the time. 

I am so excited to announce that the layout of our Moo's book
The Moose at the Manger
is just about finished.
We all got a sneak peak of it over the weekend, and I don't mind saying myself that it's going to be a great book - probably a best seller (and I am NOT just saying that because there is a moose as the main character either...well, maybe I am, but who could blame me.)

My brother Chris, the main moose of the house, decided to celebrate the book's layout but doing just that...

Chris is laying out and loving it!  He really cracks me up!

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