Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Moose Eclipse Party 2017

As expected, people all over the country were looking up yesterday to watch the solar eclipse.  What many people probably don't know is that there were also some moose enjoying it too. We started the day out right by gathering some special friends like Moose and Squirrel.

Since it was too early to watch for the eclipse, we did the next best thing and watched one of our favorite shows!

After the movie, it was time to set up.  I, ChrisMasMoose, (of course) was at the helm.

I set up the special filters on my special telemoosescope and put on my special glasses!

We learned early on the if you do NOT have special approved glasses, something like this might happen to us...

Needless to say, we definitely made sure that we were properly prepared.

You may think these look like ordinary everyday glasses, but don't be deceived.   Each pair of glasses we were wearing were specifically approved from NASA for any moose or bear that is 100% poly-cotton fiber fill.  We were not taking any risks. 

Finally, the big event unfolded and we have great pictures to share.

Here is the sun before the eclipse even started.  You can tell he was getting excited! 

And here are some pictures as the minutes eclipsed by us.

Squirrel didn't even need his special goggles, but he had them with just in case. 

And now for the grand finale...

The moon is moving quickly over the sun! 😉 
And we now have full moon coverage. 🤣

Just as quickly as it started, the eclipse was over,

 and all animals went back to enjoying their natural habitats.



  1. I enjoyed watching the Moose enjoy the eclipse ! It sure is fun in your part of Dubois County!


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