Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Moose Relocation Project (Part III)

Packing tape, Sharpie markers, and that "all too much fun" bubble wrap are just a few of the tools needed when packing up a house to move. But when relocating moose across state lines, one also needs time capsules. 

On our last night in our Chicago home, while eating meatballs and pizza (two of our favorite domesticated food products), we reminisced about all the fun times we had over the years! There was also a level of apprehension and excitement in the air about moving to our new home and traveling in time capsules.  Each of us have a unique 'box' or 'bag' story as part of how we arrived at The Moose Room, but none of us had ever traveled in a time capsule before!

Moving day finally arrived and our once filled moose room quickly became empty and sanitized. Without all of us moose, it was just another room. 

Our time capsules were very carefully packed and labeled with love...

...and then something truly "moostifying" happened.

In what felt like mere moments, we were in our new home, in our new room in Jasper. 

Welcome to The Moose Room 2.0
(Note: Clicking on individual pictures will make them larger and easier to view.)

We've already added a few new domesticated food favorites to our list - Wiener Shnitzel from The Schnitzelbank Restaurant,  burgers from The Mill House Restaurant, and Porterhouse steak from Merkley Meats.

We are looking forward to making many new memories here in Jasper (and not just those having to deal with food)!

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