Saturday, December 5, 2015

Miles Around London...

We haven't blogged about children's books for awhile, but we came across a great one that we wanted to share with you.  Because we are moose and don't live in England, Miles Around London was especially fun for us.  We not only learned some neat facts about London and saw some very interesting places, we got to play along with Miles the Cat and his new-found friend Cabbie!

Here's what our Moo had to say about it:

What a great children's book!   Miles Around London is both an exciting and educational story. Children will be just as excited as Miles the Cat to tour around London.  And who doesn't like to take part in the fun?!  I don't know what kids will like more, matching up the birds at St. James Park, or the boats at Tower Bridge. Or, maybe they'll enjoy counting mice, telling time, or helping Miles get back home.  This story is a win-win.  Parents will like the educational value, as well as, the story-line. Kids will love going on Miles adventure with him and helping him out. (Who doesn't like an adventure?) The kids will definitely be learning something too, don't have to necessarily share that part.  I am a teacher and sometimes the best learning happens when you least expect it! 

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