Monday, January 19, 2015

Have you ever felt like you were in between?

As a middle school teacher, I know the teen years are when young people are trying to find themselves.  Many times they feel caught "in between" between friends, family, making right choices, etc.  I recently read the story "In Between" by Jenny B. Jones and think this is a great book for teen girls to read!

Here is my review:

The title caught my eye, and the story kept my attention. Katie Parker is a girl with no real home. With her mother in jail, Katie finds herself in-between...She doesn't have a permanent home, a permanent school, or permanent friends. Then Katie gets shipped off to a new foster family in In Between, Texas. The town, the people, and her new foster parents all seem so squeaky clean. Katie can't imagine ever fitting in a place like this. Her new foster father is a pastor, her new foster grandmother seems like an overgrown teenager herself, and her foster mom seems too perfect at first. Katie finally decides to put in the effort to see if this is a place she might call home. Follow Katie in this humorous and interesting story as she realizes that In Between IS the place to be.

The moose and I give In Between by Jenny B. Jones our seal of approval!

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