Saturday, August 9, 2014

Meet the Pawolly's!

(Due to technical difficulties on our website, August's Moose of the Month will make its debut here on The Moose Room blog.)

Pawolly (pronounced "puh-wolly") is a fun word to say  -Not only that, it is also our name!  We are the Pawolly family.  The oldest in the family is Molly Wolly Pawolly and then we have the twins Dolly and Golly Pawolly.  Go know you want to try saying that all together...Molly Wolly, Dolly, Golly, Powolly!  WOW, that's fun!

Chris Mas Moose with Molly Wolly Pawolly!

Molly has been here with Chris at The Moose Room for years, but Dolly and Golly decided to stay in their hometown of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. After all this time, Dolly and Golly decided living off the land wasn't all that it's cracked up to be, and they remembered that Molly was heading to the mid-west.  They decided to head that way themselves.  So you could imagine Molly's surprise when just last month while running errands in Indiana Molly saw Dolly and Golly out shopping.  Believe it or not, they were in Harry and David's buying themselves some Moose Munch. Go figure.  
But what luck to be together again! 

To celebrate, the Pawolly's took a trip Great America!  They had lunch at the Moose Burger Lodge, saw the Looney Tunes Parade, and went on a couple of rides.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There was NO actual moose meat used in the making of the moose burgers!  There are just the size of a moose! 

They got to hang out with one of their favorites - Tweety Bird! They even joined her on her float in the Looney Tunes Parade!

 The Pawolly's then went on a water ride and luckily it was a warm day so their fur dried nice and fluffy in the sunshine!

You might think that the upside-down roller coaster ride might not have been the best idea especially after those moose-size burgers, but it actually stimulated the Pawolly's appetite for dinner! 

What did the Pawolly's do after Great America?  Well, they went back home to The Moose Room and ordered their favorite meal...DELIVERY!

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