Sunday, January 19, 2014

What do domesticated moose do in the winter?

We haven't been by the computer for awhile because we are enjoying this winter weather.  We know the extreme cold and snow is tough for most humans and many small animals like dogs and cats.  Winters in the wilderness used to be tough for us too.  It used to be very hard to forage for food with so much snow on the ground, and it was very hard to get rid of that winter chill with blustery weather around us all of the time. But, now that we are domesticated, we get the best of both worlds.  We can enjoy playing in the snow (which we truly love to do) knowing that we will be able to warm up inside the house and get served a hot meal when we are finished.

(Remember, click on any picture to enlarge.)

Gladys having a snowball fight!

Special is getting a special sled ride with some friends!

 Twins...Billy and Willie take a brisk walk in the woods!

Alaska loves to ski whenever he gets the chance!

And when all the fun is over....

Nick shows us how to relax and warm up by the fire,

while Chris settles down for a delicious dinner (indoors)!

Life is good!

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