Friday, December 27, 2013

Hats off to Sacred Heart School for their superb performance of The Moose at the Manger!


 Usually, the moose take turns writing the blog posts here, but they were happy to let me, Lisa,  say a few words today.

 I must give a HUGE shout out to Sacred Heart School for their beautiful rendition of The Moose at the Manger.  Everyone  - teachers and students alike - put in hours of practice to put on a flawless Christmas program for their school community and families.  I was honored to be asked to read my story while the students sang fitting Christmas songs throughout the book.  It was very touching to see the students recreate the manger scene and when they had Muse join in and stand next to the donkey looking at baby Jesus with respect and reverence, love certainly surrounded all those who were there.  The pageant was performed in church which certainly brought home the true meaning of Christmas.

Thank you for bringing The Moose at the Manger to life!

I saw many people with cameras...if anyone could share their photos/video,  I would be very proud to showcase them here!

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