Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mark the Missing Moose is finally HERE!

Our Moo has worked very hard this past year getting her latest book, Mark the Missing Mooseready for publication!  It seems like it took forever, but we are happy to announce the first Pre-Release copies are here and NOW AVAILABLE!

To celebrate we are offering you a great deal! You can get your very own autographed copy NOW delivered right to your door for only $10.00.  (That's $9.00 per book and $1.00 shipping per item.)

To make your purchase using PayPal just put the person's name you want the book autographed to in the blank and click "Add to Cart".  

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About the Book - 

Jimmy was on cloud nine during Show and Tell when his classmates cheered for him and his best friend, Mark the Moose.  That happiness quickly ended when Mark went from being Jimmy's side kick to becoming the missing moose.

Saddened and angry, Jimmy didn't want to talk to anyone, not even his mother.  His best friend was gone and he was all alone! 

When it was time for Show and Tell again, Jimmy didn't want any part of it until he heard what his friend Joe had to say...

Follow Jimmy as he discovers that opening up and letting others in can really help him out.

Here are what others have to say about 
Mark the Missing Moose

As a school counselor, I am always looking for books that will help me lead a discussion with students dealing with difficult times in their lives.  Lisa was able to write a lovely story that deals with the very difficult topic of loss in a way that makes it safe and easier to talk about with children.  I especially appreciate that in the story the main character, Jimmy, is comforted by another student that also suffered a loss in his life.   I will be able to use this book to help students discuss this difficult topic, and show the students that they could comfort each other during this difficult time.
Milton Katsaros
Taylor School Counselor

Sandi Czyznikiewicz is a step-mom who- without warning- lost her 21 year old step-son, Jimmy, to suicide one early Monday morning.  Out of this agony, Sandi recognized a need for all families to teach their children to talk openly and honestly about whatever is important to them at the time - even it if is upsetting or seemingly unbearable.  This new children's book shows us how emotional withdrawal in potentially dangerous but can be overcome.

Dr. James Davenport, Psy. D

Mark the Missing Moose is a sweet story with an important message. Mrs. Tortorello weaves the story of a little boy and his favorite toy and best friend, with a lesson on how to deal with loss. She successfully addresses the emotional implications of grief, and then teaches on the importance of expressing feelings and taking steps to heal. I would recommend Mark the Missing Moose not only for children suffering through a loss, but for all children, as a useful tool in teaching about processing their feelings in healthy ways. I applaud Mrs. Tortorello for taking on a difficult topic with great sensitivity.

Virginia Finnie, Author of the Hey Warrior Kids! Children’s Book Series

Lisa Tortorello expertly weaves elements of hope and encouragement in her story, Mark the Missing Moose. Children reading this story will come away with the understanding that it is okay to share sadness as well as joy with those they love. 

Aileen Stewart, Author of Fern Valley

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