Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I am Lisa, the author of The Moose at the Manger, and the moose gave me the opportunity to write today because I have such a "funtastic" story to share with you! Over the weekend while at an art fest in Huntley, Illinois, a dad came up to the tent with his two young children.  The dad was telling them that I was an author and I wrote the books that were on the table.  

The daughter looked up wide-eyed through her glasses and looked amazed.  She told me she was going into first grade and she had some questions.  She first asked me if I would show her how I wrote the books.  Then while looking at a copy of The Moose at the Manger she pointed to the text on one of the pages and asked if I had written "all of that myself".  She was such an articulate girl and had so much enthusiasm as she spoke.

When she looked at my other book My Hero, My Ding, I explained that the picture of the little girl on the cover was me when I was 9 years old and the man was my grandpa.  I told her the story was about the two of us.  She looked right at me and without missing a beat said, "So it's a non-fiction story".  I was so impressed I told her that I wish she could be in my 6th grade class, and she very innocently told me she couldn't be because she's not old enough.

I knew she wanted to get a Moose book, but I didn't want to pressure the dad, so I offered to give the girl a picture I had with both of my book covers on it.  I told her I'd sign it for her.  She proudly told me her name was Ella and proceeded to spell it.  I also signed one for her brother and she told me he was Evan and spelled his name for me too.  She asked if the pictures were free, and when I told her they were and that free was the best price something could be, she started to giggle.

By this time, the dad asked if Ella would like a Moose book and again her wide eyes smiled. As I signed the book for the kids, their mom approached the booth and Ella took off repeating most of our conversation to her.  

As they walked away, the girl turned back to wave good-bye. Ella was polite, a great conversationalist, smart, and full of enthusiasm!  Her parents should be quite proud! What a nice experience that was! (And I really do wish I had a classroom of students just like her:)


  1. That is a great story! I smiled and chuckled when Ella proclaimed My Hero, My Ding as "non-fiction." What a wonderful experience. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. This little girl and her brother certainly made the afternoon worth it!