Monday, April 16, 2012


We are soooooo excited after yesterday's concert!  We never thought it would be so great!

This is Mr. Reginald von Hindenmoose III and his sister Martini!  We went to Trinity Christian College yesterday to listen to Musichorale perform their 65th Gala Spring Concert.  We were so impressed with the music that we came home and looked up some of the titles on YouTube.  Boy oh boy were we disappointed!  NOTHING on YouTube sounds as wonderful as the Musichorale choir sounded.  They sang songs like Majesty, As Long As I Have Music, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and May You Always Have a Song (a personal favorite of ours). 

The moosicians were wonderful, the moosical numbers they chose were fabulous, and the harmonies were something only moose can dream about.  We were so impressed that we already marked the date on our calendar for their Christmas Show on December 9th, 2012.  You should follow our lead too and mark your calendars NOW!

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