Saturday, January 28, 2012

What do moose wear on their feet?

Hi! My name is Judi...yes, Judi with an i.  I am so excited to talk to you today I even put on my special slippers!

We just got word a couple of days ago that our Moo's book, The Moose at the Manger, is moving to the lay-out stage this coming week!  I don't know about you, but all of us moose can't wait to see Muse and her friend Star Bright in action.  Just between us, I also know there are some other very special guests who will be appearing in the book and they are adorable.  Of course, I can't tell you who they are yet, but I know this much... you certainly won't be disappointed!

For now, me 'n my special slippers are going to watch an episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle.  They really crack us up!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Drum Roll Please ~ Muse the Moose makes her debut appearance right here, right now!

The moose gave me (their Moo) the special honor today of introducing the new character in my upcoming book, The Moose at the Manger.  I am very excited about the story, and seeing the characters come to life now certainly adds a whole new dimension. 

A special shout out  to Caleb Irwin, my very talented illustrator from Tate Publishing, for listening to my ideas and incorporating them so wonderfully into the characters  He's a great artist and did a terrific job!  Thanks!

Ladies and Gentlemen... Girls and Boys ...Let me be the first to introduce to you the star of
The Moose at the Manger -

 Muse the Moose
and her very important friend 
Star Bright!

I'd love for you to drop me a line and let me know what you think of Muse and her friend! (The moose would love to hear from you too!)
Lisa Tortorello

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Moose is the plural of moose" AND 10 other facts about our moose friends!

HI, My name is Allegash.  I am a shy little moose who doesn't usually talk very much, but I am so excited about Muse the Moose in our Moo's upcoming book The Moose at the Manger that I wanted to share some moose facts with you.  If you read all the way to the end I have a special secret to share with you also.

Moose Facts:


1.         Female moose are called "cows"

2.         Female moose do not have antlers.

3.         Male moose are called "bulls". 

4.         Only mature bull moose have antlers. They can grow up to a rate of one inch per day.  Moose antlers shed before each winter and grow back in the spring.  They can get up to six feet across and weigh about 90 pounds.

5.         Moose are the largest members of the deer family.

6.         Moose tracks are heart-shaped and can measure from 4-6 inches long and 3.5 - 5.75 inches wide.

7.         The moose gets its common name from the Algonquins, which means “eater of twigs” and “one who strips the bark off of trees.”

8.         The flap of skin underneath the moose's throat is called a "bell".

9.         Moose usually eat 40-50 pounds of food each day.  A nursing moose eats about 60 pounds of food a day.     

10.      Full grown moose usually weigh about 1300 pounds.




And now for my BIG secret -  Soon and very soon Muse the Moose is going to make her debut appearance right here on our blog!  Rumor has it, she'll be coming here for the weekend!  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who exactly is the Moose at the Manger? (What's in a name?)

Antlers are twitchin' and rumors are flowing...
Nikki is getting ready to tell Mookie the BIG news?

Inga and Sven (from Norway)

What is the name of the Moose at the Manger?
If I tell you, she'll no longer be a stranger...

Her name is Muse  Yes, Muse the Moose,
And she is certainly not obtuse.

She likes to think and  ponder things,
What kind of problems could that possibly bring?

If I told you now, what fun would it be?
You'll just have to wait for the book to see.

In the meantime, Muse is going to drop by,
So make sure you check back soon so you could say HI!
Poem written by: Angelica Moose

Saturday, January 7, 2012

When moose are Home Alone...

While our Pop and Moo went on vacation for a few days, we thought we'd have our own staycation right here at Chris' house. Just like any vacation, we took some pictures to remember our good times!

Petunia - the friendly bear, Pencil, Stosh, and Penny


Mikey, Jolly, Holly, and Li'l Chocolate


Moose the moose, Molly, and Chris

The fun is really starting now!

Murphy Mooslefluff and Vamoose Moose

We had such a good time that before we knew it, it was time to put on our jammies and get ready for bed!

Disclaimer: No moose, dogs, or bears were injured while filming this fun!